Here are some quotes from feedback from my clients. The originals are available at request::

“His English is more comprehensive than most native English speakers and is impeccable. [He] can explain with exact precision the details between English and Russian. And do it either direction. Not one single source has come close to matching him.”
Kirk Mossing, President, The Hired Gunz, USA

“I have found Andrey to be very easy to work with. In addition to his great professional skill he is an extremely personable individual. I unreservedly recommend him.”
Michael Scandling, author, photographer, USA

“I was captivated by Andrey’s willingness  – a willingness to voluntarily bring about the future, coming from within the very person… an intrinsic craving to create.”

Ludmila Prokopenko, photographer, Photo Smile originator, Ukraine

And here is what other professional translators have to say:

“[Andrey] has demonstrated a high level of legal translation both into and from Russian. Clarity of discourse, painstaking terminology work, and attention to minute detail all the way down to typesetting are characteristic of his work. He is undoubtedly capable of producing high-level legal translations. Being a legal translator with 10 years’ experience, I may very well him recommend him for substantial projects.”
Olga Tarasova, EN>RU>EN Legal Translator, Legal Translation Instructor at Alliance PRO School of Specialized Translators

“I can say without overstating the case in the least that Andrey is a true professional. He takes care with each job, each sentence and each word. His work is always timely and precise.”
Vladimir Reznikov, ATA-certified translator, Court-certified interpreter, conference interpreter

“I would highly recommend Andrei Shumilov without any reservation to anyone needing Russian / English translation or interpreting services.”
Olga Tunison, English/Russian translator, Florida, USA