Rate: USD 0.09 per source word for most subject matters. Where possible, target word count may be used.

Discounts to USD 0.08 are available in case of larger volumes (50,000+ words) placed as a single order or prepaid orders.


USD 0.05 per word of translation.


Whether consecutive or simultaneous, the usual rate is USD 100 to 150 per hour, unless there are complicating circumstances.

Payment options

The following payment options are used most often:

  • Smartcat link (will be sent to you, where you can basically pay by any method)
  • Bank transfer to bank details
  • Card-to-card transfer

For new clients, pre-payment is required in all cases.

How to Get the Best Rate

When sending your project, it’s very important that you explain your expectations and special requirements so that I don’t overestimate and charge you for things you don’t need.

Here are some common ways to reduce your translation costs:

  • Large jobs allow me to apply some economies of scale
  • Several pieces of material that is similar in subject matter and character means we don’t have to re-invent the wheel on each piece
  • Regular orders also help with economies of scale
  • Establishing a payment plan (a certain volume included in a weekly payment) might allow me to give you a discount
  • Socially important causes behind your projects can be taken into account
  • If you are happy with our service you can earn a finder’s fee by referring your partners and associates

Also, please remember that I act as a partner to help you achieve your goals, not just to get a text translated. When you explain your overall requirements and your ideal end result to me, I may be able to come up with a more effective communications solution than either of us might have arrived at separately. This happens.

Special Cases

For certain projects, especially ones that constitute social importance and benefit non-commercial causes, I am often willing to offer special conditions.