Do you translate on your own?

Yes. I only involve my colleagues with your permission.


I personally translate from a number of languages (mainly German, French, Ukrainian) into English and Russian. Together with my team, we can add former USSR languages, Spanish, Italian and many others. So please feel free to ask.


Edit-proof normally implies completely checking every aspect of the text against the original and polishing it up and so usually takes almost as much time as translation.


Interpretation is only possible between English and Russian. Interpretation may be carried out over the phone, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, or other platforms. If possible, please provide any materials you may have for the purpose of preparation.

Specialty Areas

My major fields are MedicalLegalIT/software/coding, and Business/Finance.

While any single translator’s capabilities are limited, a well-organized group can get almost anything translated accurately and efficiently. I have a network of associates, so do not hesitate to enquire if your project is outside these areas. My colleagues’ resources are at your disposal to produce a high-quality, clear, easily readable and understandable translation for you, if that is what is needed.

Most translation requests we receive fall into this wide variety of subject areas:

  • Legislation and court documents
  • Manuals
  • Web, websites, Internet marketing, SEO, SMM, website localization
  • Business and business consulting
  • Personal correspondence, letters, emails
  • Literature, fiction, essays
  • Tourism and travel
  • Technical documents
  • Economics
  • Instructions, manuals and guides
  • Social work, non-commercial causes
  • Articles of general interest

At present, we do not provide legal certification, notarization, or Apostille services.


I can work with any common text or document format. The output files are normally furnished in .DOCX, .DOC, or .PDF formats, except when you need otherwise.

I can deal with HTML/CSS and certain script languages (for example, this website uses PHP and CSS) and commonly accept materials in those formats for localization. You will get them back in the same format as you provide.

If your text is an image, printed or handwritten, or requires OCR, I can sometimes do the OCR work.

Although I do not promise professional layout services, I may keep the original formatting or reformat your document to make it look attractive.

If your project is confidential, just let me know and I will give that my due respect.