To put it simply, I take it as my obligation to furnish what I promise you. If not, I will do my best to introduce amendments or to return payment. However, I will make sure I can deliver what is needed and wanted before accepting an order.


I believe that a high-quality product is a newly created text that renders the concepts of the original precisely. A top-notch product is a text that the end-reader never guesses was originally written in a different language. This is what I strive for when that is wanted.

Besides my own internal standards and requirements, I endorse’s Professional Guidelines.

In order to make sure the quality remains high, I may need, with your permission, to resort to assistance, consultation, or services of other translators, experts, or native speakers of a language. To you, however, I am the one accountable for your project.

Social Causes

I believe I should give back to the society. This is why I am willing to negotiate special conditions if you engage in socially beneficial activities or if your project has a just and good cause behind it. Do not hesitate to ask for that.

There are a number of areas and industries that I choose not to support with my services, and a number of projects routinely get declined. This only has to do with the causes themselves, not texts. If, for example, a translation project is going to help fight alcohol abuse, I can offer special conditions, but not if it promotes alcohol.