About Me

I have been learning English since I was born, and translating professionally since 2006. As the volumes of work increased, I established partnerships with some very talented people and thus became able to produce better, more, and faster. This is how my team, ClearEnglish Translations, came about, but I still translate personally.

I have translated quite a bit from various languages into English, mainly German>English, besides others, in total close to 2M words. I only make use of my team and partner translators with your permission.

I underwent formal training at Alliance PRO School of Specialist Translators, and I have been very pleased with their program. I am qualified in General Translation as well as in Legal Translation, which means I was specifically trained to rigorous standards to produce high-quality legal translations. To find out exactly what the training was, please see the syllabuses of the general and legal translation courses.

As to my English skills, I hold a TOEFL-119 and a CPE-A, which are the world’s two top certificates in general English.

I am also a fully qualified English teacher and hold a Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages with distinction from London Teacher Training College. About 5,000 private lessons given to select English students in Russia and abroad testify to my second profession, English teaching.

I strive to always produce more than reliable and high-quality translations. I only take on projects that I know I can do perfectly for you. You can see samples of my work and what my clients say.

I strictly keep deadlines once agreed, and do my job responsibly. I work in accordance with high ethical principles and insist that all my translators do likewise.

I enjoy helping others to communicate across language barriers, and find that to be a mission that is more than important in today’s world.


I was born in Russia and lived there for most of my life. I have been studying English since I was very young and have always loved languages—my mother tongue in particular.

In 2006, I began professionally teaching English and shortly afterwards, translating. Since then, I have completed many projects for both domestic and foreign clients. Most of them are confidential, but you can see some of the samples.


I am currently traveling the world. I also provide teaching services to a number of select private students. Freelancing and running a business gives one a great freedom of movement, so you may catch hold of me in many corners of the world.


I often work to improve my translation skills, analyzing sources of language and raising my standards. I love reading and finding out more about how to ensure a great translation. It would be no exaggeration to say that linguistic reading of one sort or another is always with me.

Social responsibility

Believing that I carry my part of responsibility for the society, I participate in and have contributed to a number of social betterment projects.


Aside from my professional activities, I play the piano and compose classical music. I have won several international piano competitions. I also enjoy writing poetry and prose. I am an expert computer user and can create websites. I create and maintain my own websites and help others with technical advice.

I love reading classic works of literature in various languages, as they give me inspiration as well as enrich my linguistic arsenal. Among my reading inclinations are philosophy, art, history, geography, and ethnography. In addition to being pleasurable, this reading lets me expand my translation skills into those areas.

About my team

Together with my partner linguists, I have formed ClearEnglish Translations, a well-organized translation company. Our mission is simple: We take care of your international communication, rapidly, smoothly and with no hassle. We hope you like our smooth service, rapid lines and polished workflow that we set up for you.

In today’s rapid international communication — especially written communication — we depend entirely on the meanings and interpretation of words: Incorrect understanding from inaccurate translation can bring about huge problems, while accurate translation can enable harmony and satisfaction for all.

Eradicating the former and ensuring the latter is what we do.

We stand ready to help you resolve any issue related to language. Translate a deed? Localize a website into Spanish? Recode your PHP script with Russian labels? Recreate a context ad keyword list? Or simply figure out what on Earth was that email all about? It’s all possible, and even more.

Whatever your needs, contact us. We will provide a solution for you.