Terms for Linguists

Dear linguist, before joining our team and/or accepting task offers from us, we recommend that you read these terms. They cover the conditions under which ClearEnglish Translations cooperates with its linguists. Your future orders will be subject to these terms and may include them by reference.

The parties to these terms are ClearEnglish Translations, legally represented by sole trader Andrey Shumilov, acting under State Registration Certificate of series 16 No. 005508038, Main Sole Trader State Registration Number 309169019000281 (“Customer”), and the linguist hereby accepting these conditions by accepting a task offer and/or submitting their application (“Contractor”).

Subject of the Terms. The Customer assigns orders of translation and related services, such as editing, proofreading, DTP, etc. to the Contractor, and the Contractor shall fulfill the orders assigned and deliver the materials created to the Customer.

Order Assignment Procedure. The Customer sends an order to the Contractor together with conditions of its fulfillment (such as the format, cost, software, delivery and payment deadlines, etc.) and accompanying materials if needed (guidelines, glossary, etc.). The Contractor shall consider the order and accept or decline it. The Contractor may request additional information or materials related to the order from the Customer and discuss the conditions. Until the order is accepted by the Contractor, the Customer may withdraw it at any time.

Order Fulfillment Requirements. Once the Contractor has informed the Customer of accepting an order, the Customer shall fulfill the order under the conditions last offered by the Customer and at an as high level of quality as the Contractor is capable of. While fulfilling the order, the Contractor shall create such products that will be immediately usable by the Customer or Customer’s clients.

Order Fulfillment Procedure. In order to allow monitoring an order being properly fulfilled once accepted, the Contractor shall stay in touch with the Customer and report on the progress as requested by the Customer. Should there arise any circumstances preventing the Contractor from fulfilling the order under its conditions, the Contractor shall immediately inform the Customer thereof and follow the Customer’s instructions on how to continue. If necessary, or if the Contractor fails to stay in touch at short notice, the Customer is entitled to revoke an order accepted by the Contractor, whereupon the Customer shall pay the Contractor for the order to the extent it is actually fulfilled by the time the Customer sends the Contractor the notification of revoking the order.

Payment. The Customer shall pay the Contractor the amounts and by the deadlines both as indicated the conditions of the order the Contractor accepted. By default, the payment is to be effected at the PayPal address provided by the Contractor by the time of delivery of the completed order, or in a different way if agreed upon by the parties. The Contractor shall calculate and pay their applicable taxes, dues and commission fees. The Customer does not act as a tax agent for the Contractor.

Copyright and Related Rights. In order to fulfill an order, the Contractor may only obtain the right to translate and otherwise process the material, but not any other rights to the material. By delivering the products and related materials the Contractor created, the Contractor also fully transfers all copyright and related rights to it to the Customer.

Confidentiality. Any information related to orders, materials, guidelines and any other data related to the cooperation of the parties is considered confidential. The Contractor shall keep such data secret, as well as any data they directly or indirectly received when fulfilling the orders, and ensure any third parties’ access to it is prevented.

Cross-cooperation. Should the Contractor come to know any data about the Customer’s clients, the Contractor shall not enter into cooperation with them to deliver services similar to those under this contract without prior written agreement on the part of the Customer, unless the Contractor is already in such cooperation with those clients.

Corporate Policy. In order to ensure efficiency of work, the Customer may at their own discretion lay down other conditions and procedures, such as those related to the procedure of translation work, using glossaries, professional improvement, etc. Such conditions are laid down as Policy Letters and are sent to the Contractor, who shall follow them within cooperation under this contract.

Communication. The official communication between the parties is considered to be that by email using the addresses stated in the details of the parties below.

Data Priority. When resolving disputes, the data on communication, emails being sent, orders, etc. as stored in the Customer’s tracking system or the Customer’s email system, are considered to have priority.

Personal Data. The parties hereby permit each other to store and process each other’s personal data according to the law currently in effect.

Force-majeure. In case of force-majeure, the parties shall exert every possible effort to fulfill their obligations under this agreement to the maximum possible extent.

Validity. The Contractor accepts these terms by entering in any kind of cooperation with the Customer, by signing or expressing acceptance with these terms, or by accepting a task offer or a similar offer. In the event that the Contractor no longer wishes to abide by these terms, the Contractor shall inform the Customer thereof. These terms shall lose their force once the Contractor has fully completed fulfilling the obligations the Contractor has already taken on under these terms.

Andrey Shumilov
Sole trader
On behalf of ClearEnglish Translations