As you know already, I don’t only translate myself but also manage a team of linguists. As a team, we are always on the lookout for productive, effective, enthusiastic people who share our passion for languages and bringing about intercultural communication.

While I cannot promise a response to every application, feel free to contact me at if you are:

  • product-oriented
  • willing to make your own income
  • hard-working
  • positive and creative
  • eager to strive for high standards in everything you do

Translators, editors, proofreaders and translator assistants: In order to apply, please download and fill in the Questionnaire and Confidentiality Commitment, fill them out with your name and details, sign them and send it back to us. (Russian linguists: Fill out the Questionnaire in your local language and currency and the English Confidentiality Commitment.)

Please attach your CV and samples as required in the Questionnaire. You will receive further instructions by email.

Our linguists work under Terms for Linguists, which are accepted by submitting an application, sending us a questionnaire, accepting a task offer, etc. We consider them reasonable and fair, but in any case you may want to read them before cooperation.

Other than linguists, there are a number of positions available, including technical specialists, marketing and promotion managers. Even if you do not have any specialized linguistic skills, you can be of great help in other areas, and you can get internal training at ClearEnglish. Your future matters, not your past!