What you see below is a very small sample of our work.  We believe that the way to get to know us is to try us, so feel free to send us your samples and put us to the test!

English to Russian legal translations: download samples

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German to English translations: download samples

Non-legal samples in a variety of subject areas are shown below.


Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a notable human rights advocacy organization, has long needed to get articles, interviews, and other materials translated into Russian. This article was translated in 2010 as part of the campaign that was ongoing at the time.

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Psychotropic Drug-Related Article

A number of articles related to psychiatry, psychopharmaceuticals and social issues had to be translated on a tight deadline for a notable human rights organization. I was the responsible translator. Positive feedback from the project manager testifying to their full satisfaction is  available upon request.

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Plagiarism-Exposing Article

A plagiarism-exposing campaign was running hot in Russia. The non-commercial organization involved had an urgent need for us to furnish a set of articles translated from Russian to English for their campaign to gain international publicity. We provided two very detailed full-length articles in less than a week.

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The New Civilization Podcast has been translating its audio interviews with prosperous individuals into various languages for many years. ClearEnglish has been responsible for Russian translations. Hundreds of people have listened to these podcasts and read the translations from then on.

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